Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Samsung Duos C3262 Always Restart problem how to work


Hi, All master ...
Please help me to solve this Problem..
I have Samsung Duos C3262. This phone always restart. I have done flashing it but still problem.
Is this sowfwere oe hardwere problem. I need solution please.

UFxBoot V2.2 (c) SarasSoft 2003., Id: 62 CF 1 10
UFS_USB V2.8 (c) SarasSoft 2007., Sn: 55896
HID: E8122C3A4360005B, HWK: A1.04-PRO1
Licence: True
AppVers: SAMSUNG TOOLS (HWK) v by SarasSoft Test v3
LogFile: .\_!_LOG\55896_2013_12_08_11_31_26_LOG.txt
Loaded Settings from: Sams.ini

Partition Table: C3262WN.ptt
Regions : .P
Release : Rev:
Connect Cable to Switched Off Mobile (with battery)
PROD_ID: 20E7E818C30C0100
ASIC_ID: 48.31
PRLD_VS: 7.5.16
XL_BAUD: 921600
FLLD_VS: 7.5.16
XL_BAUD: 921600
FL_CHIP: Samsung K521F12ACH [NAND 1G]
Read Done, 131072 byte(s), Time: 00:02
Partition IMAGE Erase Done, 1 block(s), Time: 00:00
Partition LCDACT Erase Done, 1 block(s), Time: 00:00
Partition DATA_RW Erase Done, 2 block(s), Time: 00:00
Partition DSP Erase Done, 3 block(s), Time: 00:00
Partition PAGE Erase Done, 55 block(s), Time: 00:00
Partition MAIN Erase Done, 107 block(s), Time: 00:00
Partition a Erase Done, 192 block(s), Time: 00:00
Partition b Erase Done, 280 block(s), Time: 00:00
Partition c Erase Done, 220 block(s), Time: 00:00
Partition d Erase Done, 96 block(s), Time: 00:00
Partition sysv File not Exists, Skipped
Partition OTPW Erase Done, 1 block(s), Time: 00:00
Partition IMAGE Write Done, 20480 bytes(s), Time: 00:00
Partition LCDACT Write Done, 32912 bytes(s), Time: 00:00
Warning ECC Correction: 1, (Partition: DATA_RW)
Partition DATA_RW Write Done, 155648 bytes(s), Time: 00:02
Partition DSP Write Done, 352256 bytes(s), Time: 00:06
Partition PAGE Write Done, 7012324 bytes(s), Time: 01:59
Warning ECC Correction: 3, (Partition: MAIN)
Partition MAIN Write Done, 13701120 bytes(s), Time: 03:51
Partition a Write Done, 23571778 bytes(s), Time: 06:36
Warning ECC Correction: 1, (Partition: b)
Partition b Write Done, 29269376 bytes(s), Time: 09:05
Warning ECC Correction: 1, (Partition: c)
Partition c Write Done, 6976256 bytes(s), Time: 02:09
Partition d Write Done, 230656 bytes(s), Time: 00:04
Partition sysv File not Exists, Skipped
Warning ECC Correction: 1, (Partition: OTPW)
Partition OTPW Write Done, 2112 bytes(s), Time: 00:00
Partition BOOTNAND Write Done, 45984 bytes(s), Time: 00:00

Sohidul Bokul


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