Monday, 15 September 2014

Latest Version GCProKey Team Very Happy To Release Update V1.0.0.0010 Download


GCProKey Team Very Happy To Release Update V1.0.0.0010 .
GcProKey GSMTool Version Released at 15-09-2014

What's new?

  • Added Samsung Marvell cpu base devices support Unlock,imei repair,any digit imei change,repair damaged msl..World first on many models.(Restore IMEI button rj45 cable)
  • Added dual imei restore support.
  • Added Recovery Mode Remove Pattern,Password,google account.Work on latest phones ICS or new.(Remove pattern button)
  • Added Fastboot Device check support will format if device found only.
  • Added ADB remove pattern ADB in samsung so no more need to move to android tab.
  • Added ADB format in samsung tab so no more need to move to android tab.
  • Improved FactoryRestoreTar while using reset efs.before tar was made half on few security.
  • Improved FactoryRestoreTar added support to backup marvell security data.

Marvell cpu base tablet and phones.
  • T110
  • T111
  • T210
  • T210L
  • T211
  • T230
  • T231
  • T235
  • T235Y
  • T2105
  • G3818
  • G3812
  • S5690
  • S5690L
  • S5690M
  • S6108
  • S6358
  • S7508
  • I8200
  • I8200N
  • I8200L
  • I8250
note:list is by google and some models may not tested recommanded to press reset efs after root to make odin flashable backup in case anything go wrong.
note2: added helpfile for new users.

Note3: Next update will be Very Exclusive... Already in Beta Testing !!


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