Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Volcano Box 2.7.9 SPD Android / SPD 6531 & MTK Android Releasd (26 August 2014)


Download Of Volcano Box Latest Update Setup 2.7.9 Free Download
What's new ?

  • Support new flashes for SPD 6820/8810 phones.
  • Adjust to read flashes for SC6531 phones.
  • Add new file struct for "Backup Flash" in Adb Mode of Android Tools .
  • Support new flashes for MTK 6572 Phones.
  • CDMA Bugs Fixed & Tested by Laxmi Kamlesh

For Some Testing We need some Cooperation from you guys..
As you got any Network Lock MTK Android Phones
Please Perform these Steps and Post me Files Created by it.

1- Root your phone
2- Make sure it's MTK Android phone and Phone have Network Locked
3- Make usb Debug Enabled
4- open VolcanoBox 2.7.9
5- click on Android
6- Click on ADB
7- click on Back NVRAM
8- Created file upload some where and post link with Phone name

Waiting for this...


Sohidul Bokul


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