Saturday, 16 August 2014

NCK BOX CDMA Module v1.9 Beta Online update Download Free


Added QC Firmware Editor for CDMA
Extract and Replace Internal Bitmap and PNG Images with your own.
It can help you to put your own Logo or Wallpapers instead of those from Vendor.

Replace Images:
Select Firmware and click on Load.
It will list all available Bitmaps and PNG Images.
Select any Image from List, and replace with your own.

Extract Images:
If you want to extract all Images, check "Save All Images to TMP Folder on Load" Check Box.
All images will be save to Applications TMP folder.

Currently you can not replace images embedded in EFS Area. It will be supported later.
You can not replace an existing image with a larger one, either by Height/Width or by File Size.

This feature is in beta stage. Please try and post results.
Better if you have JTAG device so that if you do something wrong, you can revert back.
Download from main site (user & pass) required.


Download from Main Support Site which You Access Via NCK Box Main Module or Support Access Software.


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