Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.94 released Add A Nokia Andriod Phone New


Infinity BEST 1.94 Ver Released : Nokia X2 support : Android , Service, Flash

- USB flashing improved
- Android : Nokia X2 Flashing supported (Dead/Alive mode) - World First! 
Due high count of files - Strongly Recommended use BEST NaviManager to download FW's for those phones
- MTKx : Fixed phone detection in some cases 

- Service Operations improved
- Firmware selection and HW revision detection improved. HW revision warning not shown on non-affected phones
- X2 Phonet protocol supported ( allow work with phone, if USB debug is off )
- Switch To ADB - allow choose mode between Phonet/ADB for Nokia Android phones
- ADB layer improved
Added Secure ADB connection support
Some bugfixes and improvements
- NXP Android support improved :

- NXP 1.1 platform support added
Improved ADB Layer to support NXP1.1 phones ( New ADB drivers also required )
PhoneBook transfer from XNP1.0 to NXP1.1 supported
Root and all rest features tested and improved on latest Nokia X and Nokia XL FW's 
One-Click root , rest operations NOT require Root 

- NXP 2.0 platform support added ( AOSP 4.3 core ) 
Root supported
Install Google Services ( 1 click ) - No Root Required
Security Backup - No Root Required
PhoneBook Backup/Restore (Warning , NXP2.0 and NXP1.x can't be cross-written) - No Root Required
Unlock feature useless , but can be used to remove forgotten code (Require ON USB Debug in setting for XNP2.0 platform) - No Root Required

- NaviManager DataBase updated 
All latest Lumia , MTKx , Asha and NXP firmwares included
DataBase revised
New models included : 
RM-927 : Lumia 929[Icon] (WP8.1)
RM-1017 : Lumia 530[SS] (WP8.1)
RM-1018 : Lumia 530[SS] (WP8.1)
RM-1019 : Lumia 530[DS] (WP8.1)
RM-1020 : Lumia 530[DS] (WP8.1)
RM-1042 : Nokia XL (NXP1.1)

Total NaviManager models count : 439
Most powerful, fast, standalone and easy NaviManager!

- Other
- New USB drivers for Android phones uploaded to support
- X2 Flashing drivers uploaded to support
- Firmware verification improved (NXP , Lumia)
- Stuff files updated
- Ini updated and revised
- Some BugFixes

Download HERE

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Sohidul Bokul


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