Monday, 11 August 2014

Android version: 4.3 M919 Unlock Problem 100% Done By Samsung Tool v.17.8


Selected model: M919
Selected port: COM28 SAMSUNG Mobile USB Serial Port 
Selected port speed: 115200
Searching ADB device...
Please, allow USB debugging on phone... OK
Reading phone info...
Model: SGH-M919
Android version: 4.3
Product code: SGH-M919ZWATMB
Phone version: M919UVUEMK2
PDA version: M919UVUEMK2
CSC version: M919TMBEMK2
IMEI: 355537050100256
Phone S/N: RV1D448CW2M
Checking Super user right... true
Backuping MMCBLK... OK
Checking phone at COM28
Backuping NVM... OK
Writing data to phone... OK
Rebooting phone... OK
Waiting phone...
Please, allow USB debugging on phone... OK
Bypass MSL... OK
Unlocking... OK
Checking phone at COM28
Restoring NVM... OK
Reseting... OK
Unlock done
Done with Samsung Tool v.17.8

Sohidul Bokul


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