Sunday, 20 July 2014

Universal Utility Reset & Repair Version 8.9.6 Download


new version of universal utility able to reset any qualcomm non crypted firmware phone user code reset.

universal utility
version 6.1


version 6.2 uploaded bug is fixed.


version 7 uploaded c506 still having small bug fixed
huawei will reset code and off user code now in some models.
new version will ask you yes and no for all 7 methods one of them must work on your phone.

version 8.1 uploaded 28-02-09
fixed all possible bug with new huawei including unknown bug which not let reset.
was never my software bug it was huawei bug which not accepting reseted security code when security is off.
anyway found way to disable it too.
will save log file with date and time for repair cs oration please every one post total log of success.

new setup added easy to setup and nice shortcut to desktop.
no more demo message now used setup.

you have more question? ask it here..

version 8.5 updated.

fixed bug with 2205 cs repair.
added zte cs repair WORK ONLY AT CHINA FIRMWARE CH300 etc. NOT FOR INDIAN FIRMWARE because they are special.
added version display for zte phones firmware.

ps: haier cs .....
version 8.9.4 updated.
fixed no reply bug.
fixed c506 cs repair bug.

version 8.9.6 uploaded.

Added Full Samsung Rebuild For All Samsung CDMA Phones..
Added Minlock Status Display On CS Repair for Some Huawei. now you can see its locked or not when u press cs repair.
Added 1 to 99 port selection.
Added Auto Detect Working Port. no more selecting problem.
Fixed minor bug.
This Version is more stable then any other Please use this only.


this version have 3 option
1 Reset code
for security code reset without data lost. any qualcomm model.
2 Huawei CS Repair
for repair huawei phones contact service provider.
its come because of too many bad code try or many time other provider uim card try.
3 ZTE CS Repair
zte contact service provider repair for only china firmwares.
for people who unlocked with china firmware there phone c3xx any model and its show cs some how it can be repair with this.

huawei c506 user code reset.
huawei new model user code reset. world first and only in world.
huawei all models contact service provider repair. world first and only in world.

some extra info added for new huawei models.
will display boot model and firmware also.

Sohidul Bokul


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