Saturday, 19 July 2014

Piranhabox Most Ferocious Update V1.46 Download Link


Piranhabox – Most Ferocious Chinese Phones Service Tool ☺
What's New
Piranha box: V1.46
* .Android - Updater Read Pattern Code

* .Android - Added Clear Face Lock and Clear Sound

* .Android - Updater Unlock

* .MTK - Updater password analysis (MTK flash file/data)

* .MTK - Updater writing flash for 8th Boot

* .MTK - Nand flash read/write updater

* .MTK - Updater format

* .MTK - Added MT6575/6577 read/write flash support

* .MTK - Added MT6589 read/write flash support

* .MTK - Added MT6592 read/write flash support

* .SPD - Added new flash support for SC8810/6820

* .SPD - Added new flash support for 6531

Download here


Sohidul Bokul


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