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Manual i8190 (N,L,T,I) Galaxy S3 Mini How To Unlock


How to UNLOCK i8190 Galaxy S3 MINI ( 100% Solution )

step by step Manual i8190 (N,L,T,I) Galaxy S3 Mini

[Root] step by step Manual i8190 (N,L,T,I) Galaxy S3 Mini
How to Root I8190 / I8190N / I8190L / I8190T Galaxy S3 Mini -
STEP BY STEP rooting manual.
What we have?
Simple, now we hav easy and fast way for root any I8190 L, I, T, N Galaxy S3 Mini.
Just Follow Manual now.

1. Step

Download Samsung USB drivers ----> [Driver]Latest version SAMSUNG USB Drivers for Mobile Phones
Download ODIN 3.04 from ----> One click file hosting: Odin3_v3_04.rar
Download recovery image from here ------>
Download SuperSu Last version ----> One click file hosting: UPDATE-SuperSU-v
2. Step
- Turn off phone, then switch to download mode:
press together [volume down]+[home button]+[power button] (all at once),
press [volume up] for comfirm download mode.
- Connect usb cable, install drivers.
3. Step

- Run Odin 3.04, ticked 2 option F.reset times+auto reboot,
- Extract !Select PDA and browse to where you have extracted ecovery-clockwork-touch-
and select it

4. Step

- Odin should show device under 1 of ID:COM port.(if this not happends repeat from STEP 2)
- Press START.
- Phone should power on after flashing complete.
5. Step - ROOTING:

- Copy Downloaded SUperSU to externel sdcard (NOT INTERNAL ! )
- Power off your phone, after press [Vol up] + [Power] + [Home button] (all at once)
- Select Install zip from sdcard --->choose zip from sdcard ---> scroll to and open folder where located> choise>
comfirm - YES - Install Update
Done ! And you are ready to go.

Selected model: I8190N
Selected port: COM38 Z3X BOX Serial Port
Selected port speed: 115200
Reading phone info...
Model: GT-I8190N
Android version: 4.1.2
Product code: GT-I8190RWNEVR
Phone version: I8190NXXAMB1
PDA version: I8190NXXAMB1
CSC version: I8190NEVRAMB2
IMEI: Unknown
Checking Super user right... true
Reading data from phone... OK
Now connect phone to UART cable
Checking phone at COM38 OK
Bypass MSL... OK
Unlocking... OK
Unlock done
Codes set to 00000000
Done with Samsung Tool v.14.6
Done with Samsung Tool v.14.6
( 100% Solution )

Sohidul Bokul


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