Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Lg a250 Full Flashing Done By LG TOOL


Disconnect battery and connect cable to the phone
CPU: PMB8815 rev. 1
Software Platform: X-Gold 215
Device found
Sending preloader
Sending loader
Setting up configuration
Looking for GPT
Receiving phone info
Dumping security area
IMEI: 357668-04-305050-2-00
Bluetooth Address: A8:92:2C:3B:B6:6A
Firmware Version: V10a
SIM lock: Unlocked
Info received
Flashing firmware from F:/SETOOL LG FLASH FILE/A250/BIN_LGA250AT-00-V10a-EUR-XXX-JUL-06-2011+0.sbf
Creating backup in: Backups\A250_35766804305050200_1.sbf
Flashing firmware success (06:52)

LG A250 Full Unlock Solution Done By LG TOOL


Sohidul Bokul


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