Friday, 21 March 2014

Welcome to CyanogenMod 7 For Micromax March 13, 2014


Congrats Guys its the first CyanogenMod rom ever for ANY micromax device means Micromax A60 got the first CM7 compiled from sources ever!~!

This is fully compiled from CyanogenMod 7 sources!
Thanks Rom2maru@xda for helping me a lot….
This is build #1 so dont expect every thing working
Me and Keyur are working on CM7 to get a stable build for Micromax a60..
so please dont ask for ETAs please , we are working.

Working -
1 Audio (louder then 2.2)
2 UI
3 SD card
4 USB (maybe…cannot see cause no statusbar)
5 Working app2SD!
6 T0uch
7 Haptic Response
8 Some Sensors
9 Boots
10 Etc
Not Working -
1 Rild (i have solved 20% prob yet.)
3 BLuetooth
4 SystemUI (ah easy sol, keyur knows as its hes rom which i have compiled for a60)
5 3d (Maybe)
6 A lot!
7 Home button (have to fix just keylayout folder’s files)
8 Camera
9 a lot !
Bugs that are easy to solve-
1 2D/3D
3 wifi (maybe)
4 Camera!
maybe some more
How to show support.
1 Show your support by hitting thanks and providing us logcats
2 Post replies here so we can see you are interested
3 By helping us in fixing bugs…
Download Section-
How to install-
1 Download it
2 Place in SD
3 WIPE DATA (most imp)
4 Flash Rom
5 Reboot.

Please help me with logcat… (type in terminal-)

let it complete then upload log.txt from SD
Dont spam this Thread…Dont mirror my work…
When you will open build.prop dont reply ‘fingureprints are of LGE pecan….i have fixed it in next build
I may took hours to finding things and Compiling but you can easily hit thanks!

Sohidul Bokul


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