Monday, 17 March 2014

karbonn a35 google account reset without data lost done


karbonn A35 google account reset without data lost done with volcano box

karbonn A35 android 4.0.3 CPU SPD 8825

how to reset google account:

1: Connect phone with usb cable and Go to android tab

2: select CPU type

3: select Comport

4: select ADB tab

5: select IS ADB and click start ( new phone you get phone info )

6: select ADB ROOT ( to reset google account phone must be rooted )

after the root your phone you ready to reset google account or wipe your phone

in my case i don't want to wipe user data i just want to reset google account

7: select reset Gmail and click start

8: now its all done google account has bin remove


Sohidul Bokul


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